If you have completed these 12 basic skills, you will get a job for sure!

If anyone is looking for a job but still unsure what the employer wants, we recommend that these 12 skills be on the list of things employers are looking for, although many people may think it is experience. And the level of education is essential, but if you can’t show that you have these skills. The chances of getting that job may be reduced. 

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What are these basic skills for a job?


This is probably the most important skill of all. Communication means right here with both speakings to know about and writing emails that are read and understood. In fact, there may be some people who communicate in a spoken manner. But writing bad or alternate work and finding someone who can do both is great is not easy to find.

The Decision Making

Decision-making skills aren’t just for managers or bosses. But the employee must be able to make some decisions for himself. Regardless of the company’s position, Because the day is fine, this person may become the future boss or management. (If today can’t, Will it be possible the next day?)


Working with a framework isn’t always good. Some jobs need to be flexible depending on the job conditions. And must know how to adapt to the situation when necessary.


Seriously, is there anyone who doesn’t want a dedicated employee? And to make this matter more credible, It has been analyzed that companies with dedicated employees will be 21 percent more profitable than other companies.

Dare to think, dare to act, and think outside the box

Believe it or not, Today, companies want people who dare to think and research. Always dare to try new things. Because it can help develop the company, No matter how small or large.

Respect the rules

To be good at it, however, employers need people who respect the rules. And company standards, For example, you have to understand what matters cannot be told. Or dare to tell every time there is something inappropriate in the company, Including being honest.

Have Leadership

Leadership skills: Many employees may think that this is a skill of a manager or an executive, but actually being a leader can be traced to decisions, leading in group work such as short-term projects, etc. Leadership skills are important. Being a leader is not just about departmental or group leadership. But sometimes it came from sparking a colleague as well.


The person who is the boss would love to see employees who are curious and want to learn to work to improve themselves. Because in addition to being a good attitude, it is also good for yourself because you will learn and may help make the job look more diverse because of their great skills, other jobs will come in. Also, a survey of people who have tried taking supplementary courses part-time Tends to have better job skills than most non-college students.

Work Motivation

Believe that If people want to work or are motivated to do the job, the work will turn out better because that person will put both physical and mental energy into the work. And be tired of doing it well. Instead of doing it casually, pass it on. The best sentence for motivation is, “Money is not something that always makes us happy. But if you are happy to work, That will make you happiest. “

Can be negotiated

Negotiation skills are a significant business. Because most of the time must have a negotiation regardless of the budget, people who understand the work can explain and negotiate in different situations. It is a good employee, but remember that bargaining with “arguing” is not the same.

Work as a team

Some of those works Is a single job that must be done alone, but most work will be big. That requires more than one person to do, which is regularly seen, although that work is infrequent people who can work with others. It is considered a person that companies should value. Sometimes, there is a need for more than one person for a job, no matter how good that person is. But if you can’t work with others, it just doesn’t help.

Manage Time

Time management skills are job skills. It will also help with life too (Not too stressful), which time management depends on the importance of each piece. That any work can be completed, when do you have a meeting? And will it be back on time for the rest of the work?

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