Beware! Communication at “Do not see your face” way to conflict

Face-to-face communication often leads to misunderstandings. For example, when you ask a friend through a social media chat program, “Have you eaten yet?” 2 hours later, my friend replied, “Did you eat it?” Already worried that “What is my friend?” Because the letter that the friend replied to in a voice that was “bluntly” invited me to think that my friend was upset or touched me or not. Plus, a long time to answer as well.

Even though when the friend disappeared 2 hours, They just don’t time to read. They don’t have time to answer. When they have 5-10 minutes of free time, their friend responds shortly without thinking of anything. I didn’t think the reader might misunderstand him. He’s just fine, doesn’t frustrate, doesn’t get angry, doesn’t get angry at anyone.

Probably because of the present We are used to talking to friends through letters. And every time we talk, it is usually a letter with an emoticon that makes a “sound.” Those emoticons make the words “soft” talk. Must have 555 to show humor. And show friendliness Or using emojis or emoticons So that the atmosphere in the conversation looks friendly. It’s friendlier than ending a short, short conversation, but when the 555 or the emoji disappear, there are only blunt words to read, we begin to suspect in a relationship.

Communicate Not just words

Communication is a very close issue that we use every day in our daily life. It is almost impossible for us never to talk, not talk, not communicate with anyone. So we look at communication as normal, simple, and common, but don’t know that communication causes people to hit each other. If we do not value The success or effectiveness, we expect that communication may be too far away.

Successor effectiveness in communication is when the recipient understands that the messenger wants to say, in simple terms, understand, match, and then apply it. We call it “verbal,” but language also has “nonverbal” in the manner of expressions, feelings, desires, feelings, and personality of the person who conveyed it. Including things that appear to sight and hearing (Non-verbal) Nonverbal perception is perceived through sight and hearing.

Therefore, communication is successful. I need to rely on both verbal and non-verbal concurrently, Especially nonverbal Because people will perceive the meaning of a substance by expressing more than words, such as someone whose mouth is not right. We will look out A worrying expression. He could sue the recipient more than words that were spoken and looked good.

Important Nonverbal Effects on Faceless Exposure

While we don’t see nonverbal language like “body language,” speaking through the text can often lead to misunderstandings and conflicts, especially in nonverbal languages.


The first thing we never know what the other interlocutor feels is “tone” on the day of a friend arguing with her boyfriend. And crying At the same time as we greeted friends and invited them to eat. (Will not read, but if left for a long time, maybe called to follow), so my friend answered us via chat with the letters “OK” followed by an emoticon. Agree to come to have a meal together. Then invited to continue talking about other matters. Without which, we would never know Friends behind the phone screen are feeling “not OK.”

Facial expression

Apart from the tone, we don’t know about the interlocutor as “expressions, eyes, and gestures, and gestures.” He is crying too. We, who read the chat from the text, cannot recognize that a friend might need help. I don’t know my friends are crying, And I don’t even know the stickers that my friends sent. Not his true feelings right now.

Because printing only through chatting with text, We could not hear the tone of voice, facial expressions, and friends’ eyes. Until we meet each other During the talk, we could catch a trembling voice, a whining in the throat, red eyes, and a sad look in our eyes, so we started asking our friends what it was.

So this is an example of Non-face communication. We can only recognize what the messenger wants us to know. As for the matter of true feelings, there is no way to be perceived. When we do not know his feelings, We will normally talk until we “provoke anger” to make him really angry.

Misunderstandings caused by conversation Factors leading to conflict

1.We communicate through the letter Type messages to each other through chat programs from the factors mentioned above. 

2.We have no way of knowing the true mood, tone, expression, mannerisms, and interlocutor’s intentions. 

3.We can perceive what we “think of it” from the other person when both parties are unable to perceive each other’s true emotions. 

Leading to a misunderstanding between each other If we cannot adjust our understanding, The matter will escalate into a difficult conflict.

Character communication cannot “Hearing the tone” and not “seeing the face” express the other party’s feelings. Therefore, it is effortless to misunderstand Because we can’t guess the messenger’s tone and mood. Then that the messenger and the receiver will have the opportunity to communicate with each other Understand each other in different directions and different directions.

It can be seen that effective communication The messenger and the receiver must be able to understand the same thing, so “interpretation” is important. Requires contextual interpretation And language background. If the messenger and the receiver do not have equal knowledge and observation, having a very high chance of being misunderstood, Can lead to conflicts.

Avoid misunderstandings With a face to face conversation

Reading messages as conversations in chat We can catch the tone Catch some of the intentions of the interlocutor, But what you should be aware of is That might not be the real voice or intent of the messenger, from the factors mentioned above,e If the messenger tries to bring the conversation in a positive direction. Still, the emotions of the messenger were not as positive. The recipient could not be perceived anyway. And understood that the messenger had the emotional state of the media.

Over time The messengers may feel uncomfortable waiting to “show” themselves alright. Even though the truth is not, Until one day, the true emotions burst out until causing the recipient to be shocked and lost zero Because, in the past, he never knew that his friends were not okay. Become a conflict that can cause friends to argue. You can cut off.

Therefore, if you want to avoid any misunderstandings that arise, Choose a way to have a face-to-face conversation because we can see each other’s body language. See the different emotions of the interlocutor that he is thinking. What are you feeling To avoid actions that will cause conflict with the other party? But if conflicts arise, the situation can be resolved at that time, clearing each other before cutting ties.

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