5 cool hobbies that make your resume special

5 cool hobbies that make your resume special. Have a job opportunity. Before going through a brutal checkpoint, you have tens to hundreds of competitors being the chosen one. Who applied for the same position as you? The first thing HR or HR will consider is a ” resume. ” They will chase information on who you are, where you came from, what you graduated. What is a special ability, And have you been involved in any other skill-enhancing activities? Another thing you should include is a “hobby.”

Why is a hobby so important to applying for a job (and getting a job)? Because it expresses your identity and shows your interest in things if there are many similar candidates. An eye-catching hobby, HR is the one that will make HR choose you again. I then decided to call for a job interview.

So, what hobbies are there that will catch the eye of HR for you?

1. Likes to learn languages.

People with an original interest in language have already won more than half. If you can communicate in more than two languages, then the chances of HR will take your resume to look at it again. If you get a strange language that few people will think of learning, how many languages ​​can be put in? You can believe that the company will collect you for the interview because he has the opportunity to use your language skills. Another important thing is Looks like you have good communication or coordination skills. Or speaking in the language that people know about.

2. There is music in the heart.

Didn’t you think that people with music-related hobbies would have the same chance to catch the eye of HR? Have you ever heard of that? “Anyone who has no music in his life is a foolish person” appears in the royal theme of Venice Vannich. His Majesty King Rama VI’s translation This is because people with music in their hearts show that you have an aesthetic disposition, calm, and get along well with others. It can create happiness for themselves and the people around them. HR may be prepared to aim. Pull you to help the corporate party, Which is all recreational activities.

3. Drawing photographs, photographs.

Art hobbies are the best expressions of your mind. Because art is what you express from your emotions. Blended with imagination and creativity. If you are a photography person, you will likely work on graphics as well. (From the various image editing), the work is also important to indicate that you are very patient, flexible, and calm, so your job is a creative line. Have any ability to show it. Attach the work as well; it would be perfect.

4. Play

The game stick, but do not know it yet. Who said addiction would not have any advantages? Here is not just computer games or phone games Because a board game is a game. People who like to play games are good at planning strategies to have great patience. You hate to defeat. It’s not an easy person to give up, and you have to try and figure out what you need to do to win the game. Think carefully and carefully before you act. (If not careful, you lose) Even if you don’t win, you will keep trying and never give up.

5. Fascinated by extreme sports.

Playing normal sports, anyone can do it, so hobbies or common sports talent are no longer wowed. (Unless you are a national team athlete Or have previously won the national, regional, continent, world level), If you like to play extreme sports, your resume will be much more interesting because not everyone is fascinated by this risky sport. In this extreme sport, HR will see you as a daring person. I know it is risky, but I have to try and dare to decide and have some leadership.

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