Expected Design of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3

See the expected design of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 will come with a keyboard slide.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2, a new foldable mobile phone; is considered a good solution to the game from the first Fold model. But if the curse queue in the next generation may have to come unusually, what will the rail look like? The latest website, LetsGoDigital Render images of Samsung Display, has been revealed since 2018 about the future of foldable phones.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3

The image that appears is very similar to the Galaxy Z Fold2; not counting the colors by folding this mobile phone. There are 2 points, or it is called Dual Folding, and can also slide out. And is a real keyboard similar to a Mini Laptop or look again. It is similar to a Blackberry as well, and the camera is located at the top? But what will this design be like? And how true is this pattern? Have to wait and continue to follow.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3

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