Smartphone ads can be used to find your location within a 1-meter accuracy

A recent report from Forbes, based on Israeli company Bsightful, uses smartphone-fired ads to track any user. But because Bsightful’s process is considered confidential within the company, Forbes only obtained some of its traceable advertising system’s performance.

Let’s say you, the reader, are the ones who want to shoot ads on a particular smartphone. We want to shoot advertisements that match what people want to buy, right? For example, we are a seller of headphones. We also want to shoot an ad for people who are interested in buying headphones.

Smartphone ads

How do mobile ads breach smartphone security?

To make advertising as direct and successful as possible. There is a platform called Demand Side Platform or DSPs where developers will upload user data. People who want to shoot ads will use that information to find the best (device) matches or the best location to shoot the ad.

According to Forbes, it has built shells – DSPs that will collect these data from apps without ads appearing independently. But although this kind of data acquisition is not as accurate as collecting data directly from Location, it makes it possible to accurately track the smartphone that was the ad shot at a distance of 1 meter (farther the accuracy will be Less) but more importantly, What is obtained is data or data which may be resold.

Of course, if anyone does not want these ads to be a tracking tool, do not forget to explore the Permission Ads for good whether our data is collected or not.

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