Money Matters

Who said love conquers everything? Have to turn around and explore a little bit about the past, have you ever quarreled with your lover about money or not. 

Because there are too many couples, who have to sit and argue, who will issue this expense

Or eating this meal, who should pay the cost of car insurance, life insurance, school fees that many couples have to work hard to earn money together Until causing tension in the house.

Therefore, building a good relationship should begin with. Good financial status: The term good financial status does not mean having to find only a wealthy spouse, but it means knowing who will take each party’s financial responsibility. 

Not obscuring the expenditures or debt that is overwhelming And still thinking of starting a family together because, in the long run, there will be conflicts along the way.

Keen to talk about the finances of each other. 

This method does not mean how much each party has. How much will you receive? But refers to the responsibilities that must be responsible for each month of each party. Some people have to pay off the house, pay off the car for their parents. 

Some people have to send money home, and some people who have credit card debt have to go through this kind of payment. If they are going to live together in the future, you should be aware That marriage is not just about two people in the future. 

But refer to the connection of two families, And if either party becomes a burden, the love that exists will diminish more and more.

Talk with understanding and make plans together. 

If you two have different opinions on how to use the money. Or save money to build your future. For example, your girlfriend wants to buy a house first and then get married. 

But you think you can customize it first and then buy it. Some people may think that they work to save money for a while before having children. But the other party wants to have children, and then we’ll talk about what to do next. 

These examples are common financial and life planning. So talking is important.

If you can’t agree, it’s better to separate your bags. 

Many men tend to have their women collect the money. And handle all expenses. Often, the woman felt that the given money was not enough for the expenses. 

While the man felt that why her wife is not good at managing money or have some items that his wife wanting but not daring to buy because I think it is my husband’s money or some things, the husband wants but is afraid to ask because the money is with his wife. 

These little things will gradually erode the heart over and over, so the best way is to separate the bags. And share responsibilities will create the responsibility of each person And reduce negative feelings towards each other better.

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