When OnePlus 9 will launch?

OnePlus, a smartphone manufacturer has confirmed the launch of the OnePlus 9 series of smartphones on March 23, 2021. OnePlus revealed that it is collaborating with the Swedish camera brand Hasselblad.


OnePlus has spent about $ 150 million in research and development of smartphone cameras combined with Hasselblad for three years, allowing OnePlus to bring the Natural Color Calibration system developed in conjunction with Hasselblad help Rain. Color spiders are more accurate. The cameras are installed in the back of the OnePlus 9.

There is also a pro shooting mode called Hasselblad Pro Mode that Hasselblad developed in conjunction with smartphone cameras. 

To allow users to adjust the color accuracy and focus of the images as desired. It is also equipped with Hasselblad‘s image-processing software that will provide more professional image control.

One-Plus-9-Camera-One-Plus-9-Rear Camera

Not only that, the OnePlus 9 also supports recording of RAW -level 12-bit users can be adapted or decorate as you like.

The One Plus has also disclosed that the investment will create a laboratory for R & D (Research & Development) number 4 in the US and Japan.

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