How to overcome laziness?

The weather is nice to sleep in. How do you overcome laziness? Waking up early in the morning, getting up and showering, getting dressed, and going to work each day is very difficult. Because the air in the morning is not appropriate for us to wake up, but you can’t wake up. Even if you are lazy, get up anyway, so let’s look at overcoming the laziness when you wake up. The weather is so pleasant to sleep in. How do we force ourselves to get up?

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1. Put the alarm clock out of your hand.

This is to try to turn off the alarm as hard as possible. Take the alarm clock out of your hand. If you are not a sleepy person, it isn’t easy to get it away from your bed. Although it looks a bit complicated But the result is good. When the alarm clock rumbled, three houses, eight houses, came up, we had to close and fumble and couldn’t find next to them. We are so annoyed that we have to get up and turn it off. When having to get out of bed, Feet will be exposed to the cold of the ground. Will go back to sleep, yes, Finally bright eye.

2. Forcing yourself Wake up and get up immediately.

When growing up, you must know how to force yourself. It’s time to wake up, don’t be frustrated. Press the clock for 5 minutes, some 10 minutes, but do you know that little time does not help us sleep more. More importantly, it is also dangerous to the brain. Because of the time we sleep, The moment near to wake. During our deepest sleep, the REM (Rapid Eye Movement Sleep) phase is a state of rapid eye-filling.

From the state of the body’s deep sleep, causing the body to respond slowly to external stimuli If awakened during this period, it is difficult to wake up and drowsy. However, the brain is awakened when we do not sleep. If we force to continue sleeping, It will be asleep, awake. Sleep quality is worse than insomnia. When we do it often, it affects brain function. Both in memory, concentration and mood, feeling drowsy all day, Perhaps drowsy than not sleeping, so if the alarm clock is over, stop mourning the bed. Bounced me out of bed immediately. If very difficult, use the first method.

3. Go to bed faster.

The first and important factors that make us feel so sleepy and lazy that we don’t want to get out of bed. Because we slept late, I feel like I want to continue to sleep when I don’t get enough sleep. I’m lazy to get up, and the weather is awkward. Need to go to bed faster, At least 5 hours, but if the day is not comfortable, sleep early. You can try using the 90-minute sleep rule to help. But this method will only work for those who fall asleep immediately after the head reaches the pillow.

The 90-minute sleep rule is when we sleep. The brain will continue to work, which our brain will work in cycles for approximately 90 minutes, divided into 80 minutes of deep sleep and 10 minutes of shallow sleep, which, if we are awakened in the “deep sleep” will make you feel tired, not refreshed, sleepy. Day But if we wake up in the “light sleep” period, it will be when the body feels full sleep, So we wake up refreshed, awake and crying.

4. Drink warm water after waking up.

In fact, we should drink water immediately after waking up. (Before or after brushing your teeth, depending on faith) because it helps the body get water after a night of hunger. It also provides benefits in stimulating the body to be refreshed. Decreased blood concentration If so, try switching from room temperature water to a slightly warmer one. To dilate blood vessels, Stimulate blood circulation, And increase the efficiency of energy metabolism Help relieve cold hands and feet after waking up. And balance the internal temperature to warm up. When you take a bath, so you don’t feel too cold.

5. Take a cool shower.

Even if you feel sleepy, try to find a little cold water. Anyone will wake up. Taking a cool shower in the morning will help keep your body awake. But do not open the cold water to pour the whole body immediately. Slowly pour the water over your hands, arms, legs, feet first, and then pour the body later. The body will gradually adjust its temperature because if the body has to adjust the temperature suddenly, it may be sick to the flu. Or heavier than that may cause shock, unconsciousness, death, and wake up because of the cold water. We still have to take a shower in order not to get cold for long. In such a hurry, who’s going to be in a hurry?

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