Samsung reveals the sales of the Galaxy S21

Samsung reveals the sales of the Galaxy S21 have been the most in four years of this family.

Galaxy S21+ 5G

Samsung has revealed sales of the Galaxy S21 series in South Korea that it has now sold 590,000 units. It is the highest since the Galaxy S8, which has achieved a total of 620,000 units. It also sells more than last year’s Samsung Galaxy S20 series.

Analysts from Atlas Research & Consulting have concluded that the Samsung Galaxy S21 sells better because Cheaper price, supports all models of 5G, and features are better compared to the original. The price is 20% cheaper than the original model together.

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However, the Samsung Galaxy A31 is the best-selling phone in South Korea. And the trend of mobile phones in 2021 is still no different from last year. That people need a mobile phone to communicate during COVID, thus eliminating the need to get expensive handsets anymore.

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