Why is a standard resume not enough for hiring?

Making a resume or resume for applying for that job is a skill that everyone should have because a resume will be the first essential tool in their job search. It is also the first step to getting the HR department of the company we are applying for to get to know you. Therefore, having an outstanding and correct “resume” is. Therefore, it is necessary to find a job in the future.

In fact, it is not difficult to make a resume. But the difficult thing is Making it out to be the main and the quality separately. A resume’s prominence does not mean that it is colorful and beautifully decorated than other sheets of paper. But it is a kind of outstandings that you just want to see through your eyes, in which if you want your resume to be of the same quality as Keep in mind the following simple principles.

1. Use formal photos.

Submitting a resume to apply for that job You must also honor the company you are applying for. While your resume is only written, The photograph is the first photo he’ll see before calling you for an interview. Therefore, the photo used for a job application should be a formal one, that is, the person’s face wearing a modest dress. Because if you use pictures taken for fun and being disrespectful to the company you have applied for, It also shows your bad image. It looks similar to taking a photo, applying for a visa or passport. It May does not have to be that serious, But getting half of it is still good.

2. Give contact information.

Many people may be convinced that just a phone number is a problem? But believe it or not, many people leave a resume. But giving a phone number cannot reach you Even though this is a matter of your particular interest. Because if the company is interested in arranging a job interview, He may not contact you. And most companies will not waste time looking for contact information. Because he doesn’t have enough time After that, he would have chosen to contact other applicants instead

Besides the phone number, E-mail is important. Give an email that looks good. Be official. Don’t use an email that uses a name, a profanity message, or an email with a nickname – it’s unprofessional, and, most importantly, a contact email address, and you need to keep an eye on it. In case he replies by email.

3. Adjust your resume to suit the job you apply for.

You can adapt your “resume” to the job you are applying for. And it is important to look at it to help adjust it is to look at the job applicants. And see what the company wants to see in the applicants And try to adjust the resume accordingly. Prioritize as appropriate for each job to apply.

This is a fairly sensitive matter. You might think History is good already. What are you going to adjust? Actually, many things can be adjusted. For example, if you are applying to Emphasize that you have to speak English well. Should also show evidence for consideration Or, focus a bit more on your English speaking history than any other area, such as entering an English test score like IELTS, whether you have the skills or have taken up speaking activities in the language.

Some jobs may ask about computer skills. You may write a brief about your experience working with an old company. Or the university. How often do you use this program? Or have attended a training course in various programs, and must not forget that just learning history and work may not be enough. If you have ever been to an internship camp, have work results, or have done a dissertation related to the job you are applying for. It should also be included in your resume.

4. Work Experience

It would be great if someone could contact them with their work experience and academic performance. It is normal information that must be told anyway. But if you have someone to vouch for your experience (Will be the old working boss Or a teacher you studied at university), it will make your resume appear more weighty. And the people who will be hiring Can contact to inquire about working in previous jobs to know what kind of person the applicant is For consideration

However, to include someone’s name and contact information, you should ask permission and let them know first. One thing is the etiquette in referring to others. And so that he can prepare for birth, someone actually contacted.

5. Job history and education are not everything, and too much is not always good.

Some companies may primarily look at work experience and education. Still, many companies state that they want people to do other activities, especially if you are a fresh graduate and have not been through work experience before May has to bring the activities that were done at the university to be presented. To show that they have potential And what do you get from doing these activities Will be an activity Or thesis work that has been written History of academic success, such as scholarships, being a volunteer, Or speak more than one language, everything will make your bio more weighty and interesting.

Some people with good grades when studying It doesn’t necessarily mean it will work well. And if studying well, but without any activities outside of class, Some companies may find this person not suitable for the job.

6. Do not make it too long.

One thing to be aware of when submitting a resume. That is the length because this is a resume and not an essay. The resume should be approximately 1-2 A4 pages long, as some staff may not have time to read your resume completely. Therefore, if writing a long history, He may not want to read.

In the meantime, Making a resume in English. Prepare a short resume, about 1 paragraph (4-5 lines). It would be great to introduce yourself to people reading your resume. Helping him save a lot of time. This will help the curator be interested in reading the profile. Without reading the resume, Enough to know the person who applied for the job, Try to highlight your merits in this resume. But finally, Do not make it too long.

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