Warning! When is personal information leaked online?

When is personal information leaked online? Count down for about ten years if you still remember each other. Our life is not as comfortable as it is today. Want to buy things, have to go to the mall. Want to pay for water? You have to go to the waterworks, go to the bank, or the easiest way to go to an ATM. 

Hungry, have to go out and have something to eat. But cut to the present. We can shop even in bed, pay for water, electricity and phone bills through a single mobile phone. Including if we are hungry, We do not have to walk for something to eat. No even picking up cash.

But have we taken into account it? That the more comfortable our life is Safety, we have less. Because of the use of these convenient services. Must exchange for bringing Personal Information is linked to the account for use. There are dozens of different terms and conditions pressed. 

The body is small; it is difficult to read. It would have to admit that only a small number of people would read or read through, making it unclear whether we press to confirm where we go in the world of information?

As soon as we click to agree to those terms, Our data goes to one world only. The world is known as the “online world,” a known world to be accessible to everyone. On earth are contiguous, and a smart person needs to have access to “confidential” or encrypted data to get them.

Consumer behavior Is the cause of change.

If anyone has noticed, You will find that applications or social media sites are not very popular with people worldwide. To apply for jobs to access various websites (also known as membership), most of them have to be registered by email. Then, you need to set a password for accessing specific websites and fill out all the information that the website has to fill, Which some websites do not end up on a single page.

After the registration is complete, the website system will state that It will email us at the email we provided. Then we verify your identity and log in first through the link that the system sent. When we click on that link, The system will bring us back to the website again. I finished the process that we are already a member of that website.


But when returning to look at the current registration for membership of various websites besides the rectangle that we originally took to fill out, that email has changed because there will be a button for us to log in (Log in) through various social media platforms such as Facebook, Line, Instagram, or other platforms.

Why are the logins of various websites linked with social media? Since we have social media in common use, we are “lazy,” filling out the website’s information. When you glimpse that you can log in via Facebook, that means, press the button, go to Facebook, we can access that website as well.

Good will be bad because of identity verification.

Of course, human evolution Human beings try to make their future life as easy as possible. Because I learned from the past that to apply for membership in a website, we have to fill in the information, do not know how many pages But entering through Facebook only once.

We can access other websites without entering the same information again because of the membership registration of those social media platforms. Is the same as general website registration Email is required.  A password is required. You have to go through the steps until you get that social media membership account.

Lazy People

People who are “lazy” will type the same information 10 times to apply for membership, 10 websites with filling out the information, and apply for Facebook, one website. But being able to access 10 more websites is easier than ever.

Social media

The coming of social media has made our life easier than before. Many website verifications have a “Log in via Facebook” button next to it, and many choose to register their website through their social media accounts.

That means this is the “sharing of personal information” that we have provided with Facebook to the other 10 websites. By having Facebook authentication so that all 10 websites can access our information through Facebook, we make identity through a single Facebook website. 

It allows us to exist on other websites, which most users do not pay much attention to or care about. To confirm, confirm This is a huge vulnerability that leads to identity theft online.

verify-personal information

The most obvious and obvious of recent events is a restaurant search website. And a food review website Being accessed by an unauthorized user, The bad user retrieved a portion of the user who was a member of the site. 

After that incident, The website has released a statement clarifying the incident that the incident has been handled successfully without any responsibility from the website.

From the event that this happened, We can immediately see that identity verification is like a coin with two sides. One is used to verify that we are the user. But on the other hand, it is confirmed that this information is correct. 

Available for verification If the data is retrieved, This information will enable people with information in our hands to do anything.

When personal information is shared across multiple websites, if hackers can break into a particular website, we will access the source information. Or even worse, Can view our movements and activities on various websites as if we can access all 10 websites.

From the social media source, What information is likely to be stolen?

If we remember the first time we signed up for Facebook, we had to fill out a lot of personal information. Starting from the first name, last name, date of birth, gender, email. Enter the city of residence, enter the status, enter hobbies, enter activities of interest Life events Education history, etc.

That means If we fill out all real information And being stolen, Criminals get all information in our lives immediately, namely.

  • Username and password
  • Information on social media profiles
  • Interests, activities that track and interact with
  • Phone number
  • Date of birth
  • ID card number
  • Educational history
  • Address

When this information has been released to the hands of criminals, Always be aware that “These scammers are experts in online identity theft,” meaning that they have the ability to access secret things online. Whatever data it is, it can be used. Or will still be sold in the criminals market.

The nature of the damage from the stolen data.

Account falsification When the criminals get the victim’s personal information, The information can be disguised as a new account with the victim’s information to impersonate others. Or pretend to be the victim himself to conduct various transactions if prosecuted. The one in trouble is the victim because that’s the victim’s information.

Use of information Is a violation of privacy rights Misuse (If it is a child, it violates the child’s rights as well) information was taken, such as photos, first-last names, and then used to commit crimes.

Account theft if the system compromises the victim, Criminals can penetrate the system. Any information we linked to that application or website will drop immediately. This is the same as online identity theft because the information released is information that can be used to do anything, causing enormous damage if this information is resold.

ID card number

The ID card number is hazardous information. Due to financial transactions, Contact with various agencies such as government agencies. A national ID number is required to verify identity. If the criminals get the victim information, This number will be used for various transactions on behalf of the victim. 

Phone Number

The phone number will have a chance to be password-guessed as well Because many people use website passwords that are modified from these numbers.


The virus that infiltrates the file. May corrupt the data Data must be encrypted for ransom. Access to financial information Or the trick to request personal information from a file that the victim was tricked into entering.

How to be safe?

Actually, you must first understand that Information is taken online will no longer be confidential or private information. Because the data is hacked, there is a high chance of data leaks, so any website or application can be subscribed to via the Internet. 

“There is no way to be one hundred percent safe.” Our information will be with the network service provider. More importantly, criminals can extract this information from anywhere globally, so they should take some basic self-defense as follows.

Create a strong code, do not use it repeatedly, change it.

It is essential to set a strong password, and it is important to change it regularly to avoid guesswork. It is not a good idea to use the same password when accessing any website. And should not tell anyone this personal code.

Always update the operating system or device to the current version.

The time the operating system or device was running an update. It is a bug improvement from the previous version, Which if there is an error. The risk of being unsafe Will be developed for the better time the operating system or device was running an update. 

It is a bug improvement from the previous version, Which if there is an error, The risk of being unsafe Will be developed for the better.

Not necessary, don’t use public free Wi-Fi.

Avoid using public Wi-Fi in your online experience. Because we cannot know if public Wi-Fi is safe or not, or it is a fake Wi-Fi that intercepts victims.

Set the security firmly.

“Comfortable, we are comfortable” things that help us live more comfortably. It makes it easy for others to access, as well. For example, Setting a simple password that someone you know will likely guess. Or fingerprint scanning is more dangerous than a drawing password Because criminals can still use our fingers to unlock the phone.

Think before you post.

Social media Lots of people post their personal lives online and open to the public. This is to share information about their daily life. Causing criminals to predict behavior Guess the moment Guess the places that we often post And never post pictures of cards with important numbers Because criminals have a way to access our information Or use impersonation to ask for more information.

Check your internet history.

Whenever you notice something wrong with your internet usage, for example, your access is blocked. A strange app, a strange link sent, or a stranger with no mutual friends made a request. It is to be assumed that there may be access to unsafe information.

Try not to bind your accounts together.

Because whenever a particular account is accessed, there is a very high risk of being linked to other linked accounts. That means we make it easier for criminals to access our information. Access to one account Can access accounts of other websites. Online presence, Therefore, it is something that we should be careful and considerate care. Don’t think of the online world as a personal space. As long as there is information, it can be seen by the public. And have an account with people all over the world. 

Personal information will no longer be private. This is because this is an online social network that is all connected with the Internet. Just go online. Criminals get all our information in a fraction of a second.

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