YouTube has redesigned the mobile experience to make it easier to use and fun.

YouTube today announced an update to its existing features, a redesign, making it more user-friendly and convenient to use.

The first to be updated is the Video Chapters feature, which allows previewing and a list of split ranges. Save time looking for something interesting to rewind.


Later, the video page was redesigned. Removed frequently used parts to show them more easily accessible, such as the Closed Caption button or subtitles we call. And the Auto play button is moved to the top of the video as well.


Moreover, the video viewing experience will be even easier. When the user can scroll up to watch the video in full screen. And drag down to exit full-screen mode. It also guides users to watch videos in different ways to get more out of the video, such as rotating the screen for horizontal video viewing.


These features will soon be available on both iOS and Android apps .

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